Lover Reborn

Lover Reborn - J.R. Ward Mini spoilers...if you haven't read the series, don't read this, just read the books!!!

Love this book!!! I love all of the brothers and their shellans and I was so so happy to be back in that world - I have missed them all terribly! That said, Tohr breaks my heart. Ever since he lost his Wellsie he just has not been the same and I was worried that the Warden was not going to be able to find a worthy mate for him...I should not have worried. The story development was paced well, everyone was involved and around and at their snarky, sarcastic, bad ass best. Then at the Fade ceremony I thought I was going to lose my mind...I had a mini heart attack for real!!!

This is the first BDB book where, when I was done, I wasn't completely jonesing for the next book right away. Don't get me wrong - I will be right there when the next one comes out - but when I finished this one it was peaceful, in a good way. I will always want more of the Brothers and Caldwell and that world, and Lover Reborn fulfilled my wants and left me feeling like I was just loved really well and basking in the afterglow.